From Torment To Triumph: A Story of Hope

flag_icon“Theresa Corbley Siller is a beautiful, witty, down-to-Earth, homespun, authentic writer. What a talent! She expresses emotions well, and her imagery is vivid. From Torment to Triumph is inspirational and endearing.”
—Scott Hiegel, author of A Soul’s Journey Home, the story of one man’s lifelong quest for purpose and meaning, the evolution of the brain, and poetic verses illustrating humankind’s glorious destiny.

The father of three and a medically-discharged Navy Nurse Corps Officer, Richard Siller was abjectly demoralized with his inability to control his weight. Depression and joint paint tormented him for years. He tried several popular diets, all with disappointing results.

It wasn’t until late 2010 that things finally changed. Richard’s wife, Theresa, read a book on how God and daily prayer helped one woman take control of her food intake. She gave the book to Richard, and, after reading it, he too realized that he could turn to God to show him how to manage his eating habits.

So began a wild ride for Richard and his entire family. At the age of fifty-six, Richard began a new life. He lost over one hundred pounds and began training for a marathon. His family cheered him on when, in 2011, he successfully completed the Marine Corps Marathon. None of it would have been possible without God.

Inspiring and down-to-earth, From Torment to Triumph shows how turning to the Lord helped one man overcome a lifetime of overeating and emerge triumphant.

Available in Kindle format or in paperback!

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